Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adam (Paradise Lost)

Here I was, 50 meters offshore of this small white sanded island in the Libyan Sea, floating effortlessly in pure turquoise waters. Then I saw him, sitting under his tree, innocence lost.

I swam back, grabbed my camera, changed to an 85mm lens in 3 seconds flat. I covered the 100 m between us fast but stealthy. When I reached the scene, she was there, and so was her guilt; they were silent, questions unasked. I went unnoticed.

One eternity later, she left; the world, in all its uncanny splendor, was waiting for her. He went back under the tree. I frozed for 20 seconds, hidding in plain sight, stone still.

He stud there, head in his hands, the same image of desoIation that got me there. I shot six pictures. Then I rested.