Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holy Grail (the camera that came from the cold)

The FED 'Siberia' is a standard FED, modified with large nobs to enable it to be used whilst wearing gloves.

The authenticity of this camera is sometimes questioned. Because counterfeiting is rife in Russia any really rare FED such as the Siberia, TSVVS and the FED-V must be assumed to be a fake. The FED S is more likely to be real because to fake one you need a rare lens and a body with 1000 speed. The price that could be realized for a FED S will not cover the effort to fake one,The Zorki red banner of Labor, the Siberia and Yura must also be assumed to be a fake. Even an expert can only verify that it may be original. Some items such as the FED Stalinets and Stemar copy are known to all be fakes.

In many cases even an expert can only say "this appears to be original" because only 1 or 2 of the model have been seen.