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Death (On life, death and other issues)

The minor god of progress is silently contemplating the sacrifice of innocence.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photographic Divination

It was in MoMA's courtyard, while resting near the water basin, when it struck me: there was a strange crack in the architectural landscape around us. Three seconds later, I knew what it was: the most clear cut, modern and unmagical pool in the world was full of coins, a clear sign that we must be surrounded by a lot of unhapiness. Funny enough, probably the most of it has something to do with money.

So as the water was waving, distorting the image of the world (well, mostly the trees & the vegetation around the pool), I've made this photographic, almost divinatory experiment: I've shoot a rapid sequence of pictures (around 30), trying to capture the elusive images hidden into the flickering shadow.

Around seven of them tell discernable stories.
The Devil's Eye
Temptation I (18th century man facing temptation)
Greed I (Visceral, like the eel biting of anything that glitters)
Temptation II (The Easter Island man is looking at the sky, imagining the Universe)
Greed III (A coin flipping claw)
Temtation III (My face should be on this coin)

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